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You can take the mouse out of the play window making it so that the laser doesn't follow it, then you can move the mouse back in on opposite side of the screen and voíla you moved the mouse without killing anyone by passing by them with your vision. Reached the medicin but I dunno what to do with it.

i can't get past like the 2nd room cuz there's people on BOTH SIDES and i hit both of them no matter which way i look. great game!

I really like the game for the inspired premise. Very unique.


I like how it's like a reverse stealth game where you have the line of sight but you still don't want anyone caught in it.

The worst part is probably how when the camera shifts it can be deadly, I would suggest a sort of "lock mode" where it's treated like your cursor is always at a specific point, not a point on the screen but in the level, so that way you can make it a bit easier to make sure you don't get unfair shifts

The camera just made me kill someone... It's funny even so. The game is awesome, and the NPCs quotes are very original.


this games camera is as bad as the lakitu camera from sm64


sorry, was made in 48hours xD

So very true

Really hard

Well I like being a human with normal allergy effects

Camera has repeatedly made me kill people.

same here but good game

Deleted post

If only u can shoot freely in the end.

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hahaha thought the same


this score is SOOOO good.

this is really unique concept. Beautiful pixel art.


harold has laserbeties


Great character design, crisp and adorable pixel art, unique fun concept, this is a great little game! You should be very proud of this one!

Great Game

So, the cameras moves my cursor so it hits someone.   I hate that

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Adorei o jogo! Me inspirou ainda mais para fazer meu próprio :D
Eu não sei se o problema é meu computador, mas baixei o jogo e o mouse não está funcionando, continua mirando apenas para a esquerda. Ah, e  parabéns aos desenvolvedores pelo excelente trabalho e pela colocação na GTMK Game Jam 2020!!!

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Qual é o email do desenvolvedor deste jogo?


it would be great if the camera didnt move so abruptly

IMO there should be a short "Grace period" where the laser is turned off at the start of each level, just so you dont accidentally kill someone in the first few seconds


make a lot of sense, love it! will bring this idea to the team asap


Hey, I think someone stole the files and posted them online under their own name.

If this was you, then great, but I just wanted to bring this to your attention.


Thank you for sharing this with us. But rest assured, we received an invitation from Armor to publish Laser Guy on their portal. We put the game there ourselves. <3


Really nice idea and looks polished but feels very very buggy. I keep getting stuck on invisible walls. Then there's the fact you laser instantly without any kind of grace period. 




I'm pretty sure he's referring to how your laser starts firing before it swings to where your cursor is, sometimes causing you yo lose immediately after entering a room




Yeah, "out of control" not "instantly lose"


well i mean a game that instantly says you lose and puts a virus on your computer is out of control but thats not very fun is it? also calm down jesus 

what do you mean a virus?

jeez instead of assuming they they're instantly wrong maybe ask them to elaborate or something?

I tried your game. it was fun but sadly I had a horrible day so... sorry if I sound tired. Here is my video anyway. If your interested of course.

Loved the Laser Guy, Probably the BEST game of GMTK game jam 2020.

I have done a gameplay walkthrough video of Laser guy, do check it out and also share n subscribe to my channel Video Game Genie on YouTube.

Congratulations! looking forward for more awesome games from you guys!


The idea of the game is amazing!! It has such a fun concept and has a fantastic Pixel Art!! 

My only problem with the game was the controls.. The character always get stuck in objects, it gets hard to move around.. And the way the camera suddenly moves in some areas, making the character lose control of the laser and killing his friends is really annoying

This is great! definitely a fav from this year. 

I would absolutely love the option to use the arrow keys for control, because being left handed, it is very difficult to aim the laser with my right hand. This means I'm stuck on the third screen, but i'd love to come finish it if there's a control update!


The game is fun but the mouse controls are a bit clumsy, especially when ocasionally screen jump happens (and consequently, jump in laser direction).

Can you please implement gamepad controls (one stick to control movement, another - to control laser direction)? I believe it should be funnier.


Yes, please! This would be perfect! I loved the idea and thought it looks very high-quality when I saw the gameplay video on's YouTube, but when I tried the game I had the same problem with the touchpad controls, so controller support would be awesome!


We will implement the controller support very soon. And we are trying to fix the camera issues as well. :)


Hello, I had fun playing this game :)

For me Laser Guy is the best game from GMTK  2020. I have made a review video on Best games from GMTK game jam 2020, and I have include your game review there... Do check it out and also Share and Subscribe to my YouTube channel...

Soon I will be uploading a walk through video of your game as well... 

Once again, Superb work... looking forward for more :)


A sweet idea and a fun game, great work in the jam. I hope there will be more Laser Guy adventures. :) 

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Congrats nice game! and good idea, keep working on it, you have a lot things to better and fixer. Maybe I can help you, I'm do testing on indie games like yours, if I have time I could do some test cases, for your game. Look for me on twitter like @Perspective033.  


Great game man


HEY! Your game got on the YouTube page! Nice work!


Dont you think he already know that?


A great idea with charming aesthetic that was sadly tainted with janky camera, clunky controls and unreliable obstacle detection :

1) Janky camera - the camera tends to make sudden shifts when turning corners, causing my lazer to shoot a diff direction 
2) Clunky controls - wasd + mouse is a great choice for this game, but the cursor tends to get "wobbly" at times
3) Obstacle detection - I find myself bumping into invisible obstacles from time to time, it's as if my character's hit box is bigger than it seems

I understand this is made in 48 hrs, kudos for the devs for making this. But overall, my gameplay experience has been more frustrating than fun. Hope you guys improve upon this, I'd definitely be interested to purchase this as a full game.


This is amazing! Kudos to the game developers! Indeed, it felt more like a puzzle game than a "lazer shooter," heck, add in a small element of suspense. Simplistic, yet amazing at the same time. Oh, and did I mention? The soundtrack's great as well.

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