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i can't get past like the 2nd room cuz there's people on BOTH SIDES and i hit both of them no matter which way i look. great game!

I really like the game for the inspired premise. Very unique.


I like how it's like a reverse stealth game where you have the line of sight but you still don't want anyone caught in it.

The worst part is probably how when the camera shifts it can be deadly, I would suggest a sort of "lock mode" where it's treated like your cursor is always at a specific point, not a point on the screen but in the level, so that way you can make it a bit easier to make sure you don't get unfair shifts

The camera just made me kill someone... It's funny even so. The game is awesome, and the NPCs quotes are very original.


this games camera is as bad as the lakitu camera from sm64


sorry, was made in 48hours xD

So very true

Really hard

Well I like being a human with normal allergy effects

Camera has repeatedly made me kill people.

same here but good game


Nice concept, beautiful design

If only u can shoot freely in the end.

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hahaha thought the same


this score is SOOOO good.

this is really unique concept. Beautiful pixel art.


harold has laserbeties


Great character design, crisp and adorable pixel art, unique fun concept, this is a great little game! You should be very proud of this one!

Great Game

So, the cameras moves my cursor so it hits someone.   I hate that

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i wanted to cry after this. All because he automatically looks over like he wants to kill his coworker

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Adorei o jogo! Me inspirou ainda mais para fazer meu próprio :D
Eu não sei se o problema é meu computador, mas baixei o jogo e o mouse não está funcionando, continua mirando apenas para a esquerda. Ah, e  parabéns aos desenvolvedores pelo excelente trabalho e pela colocação na GTMK Game Jam 2020!!!


Is shopping laser out of your face a corona safe



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